Trucking, Excavating and other services provided by Tom Bartha & Son Excavating

The list of services provided by Tom Bartha & Son Excavating is as extensive as the equipment owned by the company. The variety of equipment allows us to not only be flexible in performing any job, but gives us a competitive edge in pricing and allow us to perform work in a timely fashion.

A 22-acre pit is where screened topsoil, fill and sand are kept, as well as unscreened topsoil and fill. Also kept at this location are boulders, which are great for landscaping, and all types of crushed stone. Clay is available for special uses. Please contact us for specifications.

Our staff will go to job sites to lay out sod, work on septic systems, perform demolition jobs, lot clearing, logging, install lawns, build roads, install sewer lines, install retention ponds, build boulder walls and more.

One of our specialties is Septic Installations

We also have a large supply of boulders for boulder walls.

boulder walls

In winter months snow plowing is performed as needed. Currently, plowing was previously performed at the Phillipsburg Mall in Phillipsburg, NJ and currently at AmeriGas in Belvidere and Clinton, NJ.


Work is performed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in both residential and commercial areas.

•excavating •perk tests
•trucking •repairs
•demolition •boulder wall
•lot clearing & logging •mulch
•commercial snow plowing •sand
•septic systems •fill
•foundations •clay
•lawns installed •screened topsoil
•roads •stone
•drainage •pond clay